Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ugly.dial for Max/MSP

update: newer version here.

My first Max patcher to be officially released is ugly.dial.  It is a MIDI control that rotates from 0 to 127.  You can adjust the lower and upper bounds with the two smaller dials located above the main dial.  Slam the value to the lower or upper bound by hitting the buttons next to these dials.

There is a text-editable label on top.  The dial's color can be changed by double clicking in-between the two smaller dials.  There are also three buttons on the lower left whose state can be read from outlets.  Finally there is a toggle on the lower right whose state can also read from an outlet.

The next version will connect the three lower left buttons to tempo sync'd ramp up and down.  This is a little tricky so I left that out for this release.  Release early and release often as they say.

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