Friday, December 23, 2011

ugly.dial 0.2.0

ugly.dial version 0.2.0 is now available.  It is a MIDI control that rotates from 0 to 127.  You can adjust the lower and upper bounds with the two smaller dials located above the main dial.  Slam the value to the lower or upper bound by hitting the buttons next to these dials.

There is a text-editable label on top.  The dial's color can be changed by double clicking in-between the two smaller dials.  There are also three buttons on the lower left whose state can be read from outlets.

A maxhelp patcher has also been added.


  1. number: 0-127
  2. number: lower bound 0-127
  3. number: upper bound 0-127
  4. set message to set the text label
  5. on/off to select, causes 4px border to appear
  6. number: 0-127, accepts input only when dial is "select" with inlet 5
  7. top trigger
  8. middle trigger
  9. lower trigger


  1. number: dial value
  2. number: lower bound
  3. number: upper bound
  4. selected state
  5. color as list of 4 floats
  6. top trigger
  7. middle trigger
  8. lower trigger

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