Friday, December 23, 2011


Instead of visions of sugar plums last night, I had a vision of an apparatus.  From Apple's dictionary app:

apparatus noun ( pl. -uses)

1 the equipment needed for a particular activity or purpose : laboratory apparatus. See note at tool .
the organs used to perform a particular bodily function : the specialized male and female sexual apparatus.
2 a complex structure within an organization or system : the apparatus of government.
3 (also critical apparatus or apparatus criticus) a collection of notes, variant readings, and other matter accompanying a printed text.

I'll go with number 1. Also it's amusing that 3 includes the phrase "a collection of notes" but it's in another sense, still cool.

My laptop will host the apparatus.  What does it look like?  A new kind of musical instrument.  The "particular activity or purpose"?  To make you dance.

To make you dance.

The diagram to the left is my initial blueprint of how this will work.  

That's me on top, working the apparatus.  That's the apparatus in the middle.  And that's you on the bottom:  swinging your hips around, drawing shapes in the air with your hands, maybe jumping up and down too; you get the idea.

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